29 October 2019

FSBI TsNIGRI experts attend the X International symposium "Mineral diversity: research and conservation" (Sofia)

T.P. Kuznetsova and S.V. Kuznetsova, TsNIGRI experts, attended the X International Symposium, "Mineral diversity: research and conservation" (Sofia, Bulgaria, October 14-16, 2019).

The symposium, a regular biannual event, was held at the national Museum of Bulgaria "Zemyata and Khorata" (Land and People) in Sofia and was dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the Sofia initiative, "Mineral diversity preservation".

The symposium focused on the initiative results for its 20-year history. The symposium addressed the following issues:

  • 150th anniversary of the periodic table: D. Mendeleev's spiritual and material heritage;
  • geological heritage, geoparks and protected mineral deposits: status and challenges;
  • mineral diversity at cultural and natural heritage sites;
  • mining companies and mineral diversity preservation at their mine sites;
  • preserved mineral diversity in public collections (museums, research institutes, universities and schools), and private museums and collections;
  • new data on minerals, mineralogical collections, deposits;
  • methods of mineral research and conservation;
  • innovations in mineralogical collections presentation and promotion;
  • historical and scientific mineralogical collections;
  • educational programs and classes with children in mineralogical museums: education in love of wildlife.

Six symposium sessions included presentations on mineral diversity conservation, new minerals discovery, structure and chemical composition study of minerals from various deposits, experimental mineralogy, various global deposits mineralogy and database compilation.

T.P. Kuznetsova and S.V. Kuznetsova made presentations: "Typomorphic complexes of the Yenisei ridge lead-zinc deposits mineral parageneses" and "Discovery of the Paleozoic "black smoker" pipe at the Zapadno-Zakharovskoye deposit (Rudny Altai) and its structure features".

The symposium organizers presented T.P. Kuznetsova with a memorable gift in recognition of supporting the "Sofia initiative".

As part of the symposium, "Miineral diversity preservation: why, where and how" roundtable was held.

A geological excursion, "Bulgarian mineralogical sites", which followed the symposium, allowed the attendants to get an idea of the country’s geology.

T.P. Kuznetsova at the symposium opening
Presentation by S.V. Kuznetsova
Standard collection of the Elacite porphyry copper deposit
T.P. Kuznetsova and Bulgarian geologists visit a core dump
T.P. Kuznetsova at Krushevets pit