26 November 2019

A.I. Ivanov, Scientific Director of TsNIGRI, participates in the XII International forum “Russian Bullion Market”

On November 21, Moscow hosted the XII international forum "Russian Bullion Market" (RBF-2019) attended by experts of the Bank of Russia, representatives of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Finance of Russia, trade associations, leading international and Russian banks, scientific organizations, gold mining companies and refineries.

The agenda included issues most relevant to the professional community, which were discussed at 4 sessions. The participants discussed the challenges and prospects of gold production growth in Russia, mineral licensing simplification, experience of subsurface users in international markets and the analysis of the Russian mineral base.

A.I. Ivanov made a presentation on discovery prospects for new gold deposits in the Russian Federation as part of the Precious metals miners session.

A.I. Ivanov makes a presentation at the Precious metals miners session

Russian and foreign attendants showed great interest in A.I. Ivanov including the information on discovery prospects for concealed and overlapped gold deposits and their prospecting features in complex landscapes, which was stated in the letter of appreciation by President of the National Financial Association..