19 May 2020

Online version of "National Geology" journal № 2/2020 is available on FSBI TsNIGRI website

The papers published in this issue highlight metallic and non-metallic deposits study and research in lithology, petrology, mineralogy and geochemistry. All the published materials are undoubtedly of interest to readers. Thus, experts will be interested in a paper by A.P. Likhachev, a leading researcher and PhD, entitled "Norilsk area coverage by prospecting and the potential for new Pt-Cu-Ni deposits discovery within it". Despite active and extensive prospecting work in the Norilsk region, no economic deposits were identified similar to the Talnakh and Kharaelakh intrusions hosting unique Pt-Cu-Ni ores in terms of tonnage and grades; A.P. Likhachev considers possible reasons and points out the prospects for new major deposit discovery in this region. N.V. Bondarenko, N.V. Pachersky (TsNIGRI), V.A. Utenkov and N.D. Rakov (specialists from MGRI–RGGRU), the authors of the paper entitled "Geological and genetic model of Vetrenskoye gold deposit formation", focus on the processes that determined the nature and style of mineralization based on the deposit detailed study results.

The paper by Yu.A. Zubkov, A.V. Sagir (LLC GeoGold) and N.V. Chvarova (LLC Neryungri-Metallic), "Uguy" type of large-tonnage deposits formed in linear crust of weathering", reviews the genesis of gold deposits (Gross, Tabornoye, Temnoye, Vysokoye) and other deposits mined on the western slope of the Siberian platform’s Aldan-Stanovoy shield in the southern Uguy graben. These deposits have no analogues globally in terms of their geological structure, mineral composition and technological properties. The authors believe that an in-depth analysis of the geological setting within this area will facilitate discovery of new gold deposits similar to Gross and Tabornoye in other areas. Importantly, one of the authors, Yu.A. Zubkov, was the first discoverer of Gross deposit.

A number of materials in the spring issue of "National Geology" are devoted to diamonds. For example, M.A. Khmelkov and E.A. Vlasova (NIGP ALROSA (JSC)), authors of the paper entitled "Diamond potential of Lena-Anabar interfluve, northern Yakutian diamondiferous province", analyzed prospecting environments within this region, assessed the prospects for primary and alluvial diamond potential, and validated the need for new detailed studies in this region. The paper by N.N. Zinchuk, Chairman of WYSC, PhD, "The use of hypergene kimberlites in diamond prospecting", highlights the importance of a comparative comprehensive study related to old crusts of weathering on rocks of various chemical and mineralogical composition in solving a number of applied problems.

This issue also reviews paleohydrogeochemistry of oil and gas deposits within the Anabar-Khatanga basin. The relevance of detailed hydrogeological studies in this basin is determined by the prospects of this area in terms of increasing hydrocarbon resource base within the Arctic regions of Eastern Siberia, including the Laptev sea shelf. The paper by A.V. Chernykh and D.A. Novikov, PhD (both of them are IPGG SB RAS specialists) presents interesting research data and demonstrates exactly how paleogeographic conditions determine the chemistry of syngenetic waters.

Thematic sections introduced by the editorial board in 2020, the year marking the 75th anniversary of the Great Patriotic War victorious end by our country, present materials depicting labor activity of TsNIGRI employees.

The editorial board of "National Geology" honors the 80th anniversary of V.P. Orlov, President of the Russian Geological Society, PhD, Professor of the Russian State Geological Prospecting University and editor-in-chief of "Mineral Resources of Russia. Economics and Management" journal.

Finally, the issue presents a review by E.M. Nekrasov, Aerogeology company specialist, PhD, of the book, "Field diagnostics of faults and fluid-generated ruptures in Lower Paleozoic kimberlite-hosting deposits", written by P.A. Ignatov (Professor of MGRI-RGGRU, PhD) and K.V. Novikov (associate Professor of the same institution), diamond deposit experts, who have prospected for and studied concealed diamond deposits in Western Yakutia for many years.

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