11 August 2020

TsNIGRI specialists hold an up-to-date webinar on " MINGEO TV»

On August 4, 2020, A.I. Chernykh, General Director of TsNIGRI, and S.G. Kryazhev, Head of the mineralogy and isotope geochemistry department, spoke at the geowebinar broadcast on the official YouTube channel of the international mining and geological forum "MINGEO-SIBERIA". The subject of our colleagues' reports was modern gold prospecting methods.

In his speech, A.I. Chernykh spoke in favor of developing online professional community meetings and announced the preparation of a reports series by TsNIGRI employees on the latest practice of applying the institute's methodical approaches in gold and base metal prospecting. Special emphasis is on the use of precision laboratory and analytical methods (including mineralogical-geochemical and isotopic) for solving applied problems, the unique methods of considering the real landscape and geomorphological prospecting conditions and the methods to prospect for concealed and overlapped polymetallic mineralization (under sediments of up to 150 m thick) developed in TsNIGRI. These themes will be disclosed at the next geowebinars. In addition, A.I. Chernykh pointed out that TsNIGRI owns data on the results of exploration carried out as part of the federal program and materials for mineral base status monitoring; this information may also be of interest to MINGEO TV webinar visitors.

The presentation by S.G. Kryazhev (PhD), "Methods of gold deposit forecasting and prospecting in carbonaceous terrigenous complexes" aroused considerable interest of the webinar audience, as evidenced by the questions asked to the speaker. In particular, the attendants asked to assess the spacing within observation points network necessary for making a decision on the area prospects, they were interested in the cost of prospecting conducted by specialists within an area of 1 m2. wanted to know about the availability of isotope geochemistry data on the Kumtor deposit ore types and methods for assessing the refractory nature of black shale-hosted ores. S.G. Kryazhev spoke about the study history of the Kumtor deposit in the Soviet era when he and his colleagues obtained diverse data. He noted that the methods of arsenopyrite-rich refractory ore biogenic oxidation invented in TsNIGRI have long been successfully used at the Olympiadinskoye deposit. Mineralogists always support such studies at new deposits.

Responding to the question about the plans by the Organizing Committee of the X International scientific and practical conference "Scientific and methodical basics of diamond, precious and base metal deposit forecasting, prospecting and assessment", which was not held in 2020, A.I. Chernykh, invited geowebinar attendants to participate in a conference in April 2021 and reminded of traditional geological field trips organized by TsNIGRI after meetings. He also noted that due to the forced postponement of the X conference to 2021, reports prepared in 2020 may be published in the "National Geology" and "Ores and Metals" journals. These papers will be considered by the editorial boards on a first priority basis.