20 November 2020

Ore Deposit Hub platform invites geologists to online conferences

The international Ore Deposit Hub web portal launched an offer to ore deposit specialists of any professional level worldwide to become speakers at regular online conferences. Participants are encouraged to make well-prepared presentations of broad professional interest, which contain new data or analysis.

TsNIGRI employees are familiar with the Russian media and educational Geowebinars platform. This site regularly hosts online conferences, lectures and seminars, which involve the institute representatives as both speakers and attendants.

While geowebinars bring together mining industry experts from all over Russia, Ore Deposit Hub allows them to track global scientific trends, learn from the experience of colleagues globally and reach the widest audience themselves.

Thus, the upcoming events to be held on this online platform will focus on the Australian experience in mining waste disposal and processing and a presentation on the various origins of argillitization and their implications for nonfeul mineral prospecting and exploration.

To participate, just register on the Ore Deposit Hub website.