28 March 2019

TsNIGRI takes part in the Russian-Venezuelan working group negotiations.

On March 21-22, 2019, FSBI TsNIGRI representatives took part in the Russian-Venezuelan working group negotiations on implementing the MoU between the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of the Russian Federation and the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela for the cooperation in geology and subsurface use.

The Russian party was led by A. F. Morozov, Deputy Head of the Federal Agency for Subsurface Use. The Venezuelan party was headed by Franklin Ramirez, Deputy Minister of Environment and Natural Resources.

On March 21, the Ministry of Natural Resources of the Russian Federation held a meeting of the Russian-Venezuelan working group. The following issues were considered:

  1. Work schedule of the Russian-Venezuelan working group on the MoU implementation.
  2. Prospects of the Russian-Venezuelan cooperation in geology and subsurface use, including the potential Russian participation in the Venezuelan mineral resources development project ("Ore arc" program).
  3. Training and skills enhancement of Venezuelan mining experts in Russian educational institutions and enterprises.
  4. The second meeting of the Russian-Venezuelan Working group.

FSBI TsNIGRI provided proposals for mutual cooperation in forecasting and prospecting for base and precious metal deposits:

  • location of promising multi-scale ore-bearing areas as part of geological mapping programs based on forecasting-metallogenic base and precious metal maps compilation in the GIS project format.
  • development of multi-scale multi-factor geological prospecting models for promising diamond, precious and base metal deposits in Venezuela and Russia for regional and local forecasting and prospective assessment of ore-bearing areas and deposits.
  • recommendations for improved forecasting-prospecting complexes (exploration technologies) for various promising deposit types in Venezuela and Russia and testing of such recommendations at specific deposits.
  • Expertise of DPBM mineral reserves and review of mineral deposit development technical projects.
Российско-Венесуэльская рабочая группа
Заседание рабочей группы

During the meeting, the Venezuelan party's intentions were confirmed:

  • use the Russian NSEA code for mineral reserves and resources certification;
  • involve Russian specialists in Venezuelan nonfuel mineral deposit feasibility studies;
  • conduct regional research in Venezuela involving Russian specialists.

The Venezuelan party showed interest in visiting Venezuela in 2019 by Russian geologists to study a number of ore deposits.

Venezuelan delegation representatives visit TsNIGRI on March 2

The Venezuelan party was represented by Jorge Alejandro Medina Murillo, Deputy Minister of supervision and control (Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources); Milagros Dominges Madilla, acting President of the National Institute of Geology and Mining (INGEOMIN); Kalim Sebastian D" Elia Janes, Venezuelan Embassy expert.

The Russian party was represented by A.I. Chernykh (General Director of FSBI TsNIGRI), A.I. Ivanov (Scientific Director of the Institute), A.N. Shchendrigin (Scientific Secretary), D.A. Kulikov (Head of Department), E. E. Kotelnikov (Head of Department), S.G. Kryazhev (Head of Department), M.M. Girfanov (leading researcher).

An introductory tour of the institute was conducted. The guests visited the TsNIGRI museum.

At the working session, a presentation on the Institute of Geology and Mining (INGEOMIN) was made by Milagros Dominges Madilla. TsNIGRI’s presenter focused on proprietary current laboratory methods to study rock and ore composition and properties.

The Venezuelan party showed interest in continuing INGEOMIN – TsNIGRI cooperation.

Российско-Венесуэльская рабочая группа
FSBI TsNIGRI museum visit
Российско-Венесуэльская рабочая группа
Российско-Венесуэльская рабочая группа