Documentary devoted to FSBI TsNIGRI anniversary

A short documentary about achievements and new challenges was prepared for the 85th anniversary TsNIGRI. The 20-minute video narration briefly reflects the history of the institute team work on ramping up the mineral base and studying the metallogeny of gold, silver, platinum-group metals, copper, nickel, cobalt, lead, zinc and diamonds of the Russian Federation and the former Soviet republics. TsNIGRI is proud of its high-skilled workforce; this largely determined exploration activities in our country for 85 years.

Video footage taken in TsNIGRI laboratories and in the field provides an insight into the modern institute structure, scientific research, the work of the Academic Council and the Treatise Board, the Council of young scientists and specialists, as well as the development of MGRI basic educational department in TsNIGRI. The movie shows our institute traditions established by our respected veterans. It tells about scientific schools that ensure the continuity of scientific generations and the training of specialists in geology and ore potential of various country regions; they are experts whose opinion is always considered when choosing planning priorities for diamond, precious and base metal exploration. The movie shows the planned scientific and applied research and new TsNIGRI projects, which attract new employees to the institute.

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