FSBI TsNIGRI prospector veterans council is the primary association of retired veterans of the Moscow interregional organization (MIO), part of the Russian public organization, "Prospector veterans".

The first TsNIGRI veterans council was formed in 2002; this move was initiated by I.F. Migachev, Director of the institute, and supported by the trade union committee. B.P. Makarov was elected Chairman of the council, S.G. Artseva and V.P. Ivanovovskaya joined it. As a local branch of "Prospector veterans" society, the veterans council actively worked to protect socioeconomic, labor and personal rights of veterans, ensure respect for their interests, provide medical, household and moral assistance to persons who needed it, as well as inform young employees of the best historical prospector traditions.

In 2011, after the main members retired, I.A. Augustinchik (a senior researcher) became involved in the primary organization activities. He participated in the meetings of the trade union committee when considering issues of financial aid to pensioners and represented the institute in the higher bodies of prospector veterans society.

In 2016, to fully address all the issues regulated by the society Charter, it was decided to increase the staff and expand the council activities. Based on the general meeting resolution, V.O. Konyshev (Chairman), O.M. Konkina (Secretary), L.D. Suslova (Treasurer), S.A. Milyaev, and V.S. Shapovalov were elected the council members. The first council meeting dealt with specific responsibilities and activities of the organization members. Since then, meetings have been held regularly 5-6 times a year.

In November 2017, V.O. Konyshev, Chairman of FSBI TsNIGRI primary veterans council, was elected Chairman of the Moscow interregional organization. MIO meetings are mainly held in our institute.

In February 2018, under the organization Charter, FSBI TsNIGRI veterans council was re-elected for the next 2 years. The Chairman and all members of the council remained unchanged (photo); T.P. Kuznetsova became a new member to intensify career guidance of youth and schoolchildren.

V. O. Konyshev reports on the veterans activities for 2016-2018. Council members (left to right): O.M. Konkina, V.S. Shapovalov, L.D. Suslova and S.A. Milyaev.

Reporting and re-election meeting of the veterans сouncil. In the foreground: T.P. Kuznetsova, a new council member.

In May 2018, V.O. Konyshev joined the Russian public organization, "Prospector veterans"; he remained Chairman of FSBI TsNIGRI primary organization and Chairman of the Moscow interregional organization, "Prospector veterans".

In most cases, meetings of the veterans council and other events attended by delegates of federal districts councils and subjects of the Russian Federation are held in FSBI TsNIGRI; of A.I. Chernykh, General Director, and A. Ivanov, Scientific Director, actively assist in any related issues.

Now, about 200 members are registered in FSBI TsNIGRI primary organization