TsNIGRI designs project documents for geological subsurface study, such as nonfuel mineral deposit prospecting, evaluation and exploration (additional exploration), according to Regulations of preparing project documents for geological subsurface study and mineral deposit exploration by minerals (approved by the Ministry of Natural Resources’ Order № 352 as of 14.06.2016).

TsNIGRI ensures project document support during expertise in FSGI Rosgeolexpertise until a positive expert report is obtained.

Major TsNIGRI exploration projects


Mining deep levels of Tamunier gold deposit.


Specialized geological and geocheemical prospecting for polymetallic mineralization within Krasnorechenskaya area, Rubtsovsky ore district.
Specialized geological and geocheemical prospecting for lead-zinc mineralization within Moryanikhinskaya area, Angara ore district (Krasnoyarsk territory).
Specialized geological and geocheemical prospecting for gold-polymetallic mineralization within Savva-Borzinsky ore cluster (Trans-Baikal region).


Prospecting to evaluate discovery potential of economic porphyry copper deposits in South Urals volcanoplutonic belts.


Prospecting for large-tonnage gold mineralization hosted by carbonaceous-terrigenous complexes within Yenisei, Baikal-Patom and Verkhoyansk-Kolyma gold provinces.
Prospecting for gold-silver-polymetallic mineralization within Zmeinogorsk-Berezovogorsk area in Zmeinogorsk ore district (Altai territory).
Prospecting for unconventional Triassic diamond deposit discovery in the northern Olenek rise (Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)).
Prospecting for new geological and economic gold mineralization types discovery within Lebedinsky ore placer cluster.
Prospecting for ore gold hosted by carbonaceous-terrigenous complexes, southern Bodaibo ore district (Irkutsk region).
Prospecting to evaluate gold potential of Mesozoic–Cenozoic crusts of weathering, Eravninskaya depression (Republic of Buryatia).


Local forecast for mineralization zones hosted by porphyry copper systems, Kavralyamskaya metallogenic zone (Chukotka autonomous district).
Update on localizing prospective primary diamond source areas of the Northwestern federal district, designing the best prospecting complexes.
Local forecast for poorly eroded and concealed gold-quartz deposits of new morphological types to identify prospecting sites in central Verkhoyansk-Kolyma metallogenic province.
Local forecast for large-tonnage gold mineralization associated with granitoid stocks within Priiskovaya, Chistaya, Asanskaya, Delyankirskaya and other areas, Central Kolyma district, Magadan region.


Advance geological and geophysical works focused on diamonds within Pyalitskaya area, Baltic shield.
Estimation of porphyry copper and associated ore resource potential, northeastern Russia (Chukotka autonomous district, Magadan region).


Advance geological and geophysical works to validate potential reassessment of Rudny Altai (Altai territory) polymetallic mineralization.


Estimation of base and precious metal resource potential in eastern areas of North, Circumpolar and Polar Urals.


Diamond prospecting and evaluation within Otugsky and Olmugsky sites, Kepinskaya area (Arkhangelsk region).
Local forecasting and prospecting for large-tonnage gold deposits in Ayan-Yuryakh metallogenic zone (Magadan region).


Development of efficient primary diamond deposit forecasting-prospecting complex for the Baltic shield prospecting environments exemplified by Voinitskaya, Tulosskaya and Petrozavodsk areas (Republic of Karelia).