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TsNIGRI team and management develop scientific, applied and production institute potential to the utmost. At present, we are interested in engaging various geoscience specialists directly involved in mineral deposit geology study. Our proposal to consider joining our team is addressed to young specialists and well-established professionals such as geologists, geochemists, geophysicists, mineralogists, resource geologists and IT specialists fascinated by the work related to ore deposit prospecting, exploration, study and assessment.

    TsNIGRI offers the following main advantages:
  • Our company is a team of well-motivated, proactive, enthusiastic and creative people with unique professional expertise who are ready to improve and share it.
  • TsNIGRI is a federal state budgetary institution, which ensures stability and payment transparency.
  • A variety of fieldwork within Russia and abroad will provide you with unique experience and skills.
  • Professional advancement of experts and newcomers in the industry is supported by job retraining, advanced training courses, regular workshops and scientific/practical conferences held in the institute.
  • Our own Treatise Board and postgraduate courses facilitate thesis preparation and support.
  • The institute established and implements a mentoring program, which enables rapid adaptation in the team and comfortable integration of a newcomer into the workflow.
  • Employees can attend national and international conferences, symposia and congresses; the institute management and public associations (trade union committee and Council of young scientists and specialists) encourage employees seeking professional and scientific promotion.
  • These associations control employer liability in labour process, extra payments, they develop social sphere and systematically organize sport and leisure activities (table tennis and billiards competitions, an English club and a gym are operating).
  • Our Council of young scientists and specialists strives to retain talented young researchers in the institute and assist in their professional growth, contributes to their initiatives implementation, and helps them to socialize and reach their scientific potential.


If you wish to join us please fill out an application form, so that we could let you know about a proper vacancy.


If you are still a student and search for practice please fill out a student form. We will contact you immediately to discuss details.


If you represent an entity searching for field geologists or students willing to practice please fill the appropriate form. We are ready to help you find geological institute graduates.