25 February 2020

TsNIGRI holds the first youth conference

On February 19-21, 2020, the first youth science and education conference "Diamond, precious and base metal mineral base – from forecasting to production" was held in FSBI TsNIGRI.

The conference program included 45 oral and 15 poster presentations. One half of all presentations were made by guest presenters from the Moscow State University, SFU, MGRI, MISIS, VSEGEI, IGEM, Institute of the Earth's Crust, PMGRE, SUE Ecosystem, JSC Rosgeology agencies, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Sudan.

A.A. Germakhanov, Head of Rosnedra administration, welcomed the attendants. Rosnedra banner was his gift to A.I. Chernykh, General Director of TsNIGRI.

The conference program included lectures by top experts from academic and sectoral institutions. Some of those presenters who shared their experience and knowledge included N.A. Goryachev, PhD, Corresponding member of RAS, Professor (chief researcher of SVKNII FEB RAS, Magadan), I.Yu. Melekestseva, PhD (head of a separate division, Institute of Mineralogy FSC UB RAS), S.V. Cherkasov, PhD (Director of V.I. Vernadsky State Geological Museum), V.A. Petrov, PhD, Corresponding member of RAS (Director of IGEM RAS) and A.I. Ivanov, PhD, academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences (Scientific Director of FSBI TsNIGRI). The organizers thanked the lecturers for their contribution to the conference.

The conference was attended by young scientists and professionals of research and production organizations, as well as students and postgraduates who made oral and poster presentations. During presentations discussion, some answers were provided that interested geologists of all ages.

At the conference closing, the results were summed up and the best presentations were awarded prizes. The conference became a venue for exchanging experience between scientists and professionals from nonfuel mineral geology. It also formed a basis for future joint research and cooperation in holding such events.

A photo report from the conference is available on the website www.vk.com

A photo report from the conference

The conference opening
The conference meeting room
The conference organizers and guests